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Ouch! That's a tough problem to relosve. In my case, it's the opposite: I'm the night owl and my hubby is the early bird. Although it may seem like an unfortunate situation for newlyweds, it becomes quite a convenience when you have kids: you get to take shifts caring for the kids. But for the time being, my suggestion is to try enjoying each other during your shared waking times (watch an earlier movie showing). And as for the times when you find yourselves awake and alone, let this be your time to focus on yourselves: your alone time (check your e-mails, pamper yourself, prepare a nice breakfast for your snoozing hubby or vice versa). It's hard to try to change sleeping patterns and it may even lead to problems such as insomnia, fatigue, irritability, loss of libido . and nobody wants that now do they So I say learn to accept the fact that your a morning person and he's a night owl and that's who you are. However, if you really wish to stay up late on the occasional night try turkish coffee or expresso. Works for me! Love, Nelly
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