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Open Wonderland v0.5: Launching Clients using Java Web Start#

by Jordan Slott (jslott@dev.java.net) and Jonathan Kaplan (jonathankap@gmail.com)


Support for Java Web Start is built into Open Wonderland v0.5. The Wonderland server automatically supports launching clients from Java Web Start when you compile Open Wonderland from the source code (or from binary releases in the future). With Java Web Start, clients only need to open a URL in a web browser, and as long as Java SE 6 is installed on their system, the Open Wonderland client will be automatically downloaded and launched.

The Open Wonderland Server URL#

When you start the Open Wonderland server, a web server is started which enables users to launch the client. This web page defaults to port 8080. For example, if the host name of your server is www.company.com, then the URL of the Open Wonderland client page will be http://www.company.com:8080. If you are unsure what the host name of your machine is, you can use the IP address of your server instead.

When you start the server, it displays a message with the URL of the web server. For example:

     [java] -----------------------------------------------------------
     [java] Wonderland web server started successfully.
     [java] Log files are in /Users/me/.wonderland-server/0.5-dev/log
     [java] Web server running on
     [java] -----------------------------------------------------------
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