How to Create New Gestures Animation in Open Wonderland
written by: taranjeet singh bhatia

Prerequisites: #
A recent version of Netbeans (or other editor of your choice)
Latest source versions of wonderland and wonderland-avatar

  1. Information to download and build trunk source is located here:
  2. Information to download wonderland-avatars is located here:
Steps to Create Gestures
  • Step 1: Create new gesture animation in Maya
    1. Requirement:
    2. Learn Maya (Specially how to make simple animation and adding key frames)
    3. Downlaod file “Male_ShakeHands.mb” from here
    4. Open File in Maya 2008
    5. Remove older animation keyframes and Create New Animation
    6. Go to File> Save Scene As. Save File with new Name as Male_newAnimationName
      E.g. Male_Kick (we are making modification in Male skeleton file, so file name also start with Male keyword)
    7. Go to File> Export >options
      1. Under General Options Box, Select file type as “COLLADA exporter”
      2. Under General Export Options, Select Check Box of “Bake Transform”
      3. Then press Export All button
      4. Provide file name in Export Dialog box as “Male_Anim_newAnimationName”. Ex. Male_Anim_Kick
      5. Press Export
    8. Copy File you just created which saved as “Male_Anim_Kick.dae” and paste file in wonderland-avatar directory at this location
  • Step 2: Create binary skeleton File in Open Wonderland-Avatar
    1. Open from {\wonderland-avatar\src\imi\character\avatar\}
      find “configureDefaultActionStateInfo” method and add generic animation command as shown below:

    2. Open Class named in Netbeans from Wonderland-Avatar directory from location {\wonderland-avatar\src\imi\utils\preprocess\}
    3. Add the path of new animation file in the variable named “MaleAnimationLocations” just like already present files in the variable
      Ex. "assets/models/collada/Animations/MaleBodyAnimations/Male_Anim_kick.dae"

    4. Make changes in program as follows in lines 193-194:
      boolean bLoadMale = true;
      boolean bLoadFemale = true;
    5. Save File and Run Program. This will create Binary files known as and in {wonderland-avatar/src/imi/character/data} directory.
    6. Or run program from Command prompt as: (TBD by Johnathan)
    7. Build wonderland-avatar using "ant jar" and copy avatar.jar from {wonderland-avatar/dist/avatars.jar} to {wonderland/modules/world/avatarbase/lib}
  • Step 3: Create new gesture control in Wonderland
    1. Open file from {\wonderland\modules\world\avatarbase\src\classes\org\jdesktop\wonderland\modules\avatarbase\client\resources} in any text editor and add new string in file in new line
      E.g. Kick=Kick
    2. Open GestureHUD class from {\wonderland\modules\world\avatarbase\src\classes\org\jdesktop\wonderland\modules\avatarbase\client\jme\cellrenderer\} in Netbean
    3. Add new value in Variable name “gestures” as shown below:

      This will be animation name in Gesture panel
    4. Built and deploy Wonderland repository again
    5. Open gesture panel and you will see new animation button..

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