March 23, 2011

This Wonderland Wednesday discussion centered around easy, better, and different ways to manipulate objects. Our goals were to figure out ways to:

  • Move things around more seamlessly
  • Drag and drop one cell in-world on another
  • Have objects "snap to" surfaces of 3D objects
  • Update APIs to support these actions

We also talked about some use cases:

  • Add sticky notes to a board and move them around on the surface of the board
  • Add images to a gallery wall
  • Place image on floor as carpet
  • Add a light fixture to a wall

Proposal - Attachment Points

  • Attachment points as a capability
  • Use technique like bounding box on mic to position points
  • Have point attachments and plane attachments
  • Automatically attach objects
    • perhaps by pushing one object towards another

Proposal - EZMove

  • Alt-click on object to select
  • Selection gives you push pin, "+" button, and "x" to exit selection mode

  • Dragging object, moves object in X-Y plane
  • Clicking + button gives tool palette for doing everything on right-click menu
  • Clicking and dragging pin highlights objects under pin - release snaps object to target

  • Alt-click object to release control (or alt-click anywhere) as alternative to clicking "x"

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