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Bit old and probably outdated AppBase Design Document


Object Description
View2D Interface for displaying window content
View2DDisplayer Interface for making/destroying a View2D
Frame2D Interface to decorate a View2D
View2DCellFactory Interface to create cell renderers & View2DCells
Window2D Representation of an application window
FirstVisibleInitializer Interface to initialize an App2DCell first
HUDDisplayer View2DDisplayer for the Head's Up Display
View2DEntity View2D that is similar to BoundsViewerEntity from AudioCapability. It exists as the root adapter between AppBase and MT-Game
View2DCell A View2DEntity with transformation information.
Frame2DCell A Frame2D and View2DCell that includes a border around the window.
-- Composed of 3 FrameSides, 1 FrameHeader, and 1 FrameResizeCorner.
View2DCellFactoryDefault Default View2DCellFactory
FirstVisibleInitializerCell Initializes an App2DCell, called in App2DCell's setClientState()



Object Description



Object Description
FrameComponent Conglomerate of View2DCell (View2DEntity), ControlArb, and Gui2D.
FrameRect A FrameComponent consisting of JME2 geometry
FrameTransRect A FrameRect with a BlendState attached to the JME2 geometry
ResizeRectangle A FrameTransRect representing the geometry for bottom right resize-button in a Window



Object Description
App2D Base class for representing the controller of all the Window2Ds
ControlArb Base class which decides who has control of an application and what that means
ControlArbNone ControlArb which prevents anyone from taking control of an application
ControlArbAppFocus ControlArb which maintains input focus
ControlArbSingle ControlArbAppFocus which allows only a single user to have control of an application at a given time
ControlArbMulti ControlArbAppFocus which allows multiple user to have control of an application at once.



  • Most extensions of App2D only ever need to implement a constructor that creates a ControlArb


Object Description
Gui2D Base event handler. Coupled to a View2DEntity and as such a View2DCell and Frame2DCell
Gui2DInterior Event handler for the View2DEntity representing the content of an application's window.
Gui2DCloseButton Event handler for the View2DEntity representing the close button in a window's header.
Gui2DResizeCorner Event handler for the View2DEntity representing the lower right corner resize button on a window.
Gui2DSide Event handler for the View2DEntity representing the left, right, and bottom sides of an application's window.



Object Description
App2DCell Cell representation
-- holds several View2DCells via LinkedList, just as a window could have multiple secondary views.
App2DCellRendererJME Cell Renderer representation
-- doesn't do a whole lot. Someone will need to explain to me what an acrjRootNode means.
App2DCellClietnState Client State
App2DCellServerState Server State
AppCellMO CellMO, extension of App2DCellMO



  • App2DCellServerState and App2DCellClientState are not 1-to-1. That is to say that they do not have the exact same fields in number as well as content.

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