Changing the Skybox#

By Matthew Schmidt

Here's a how-to for replacing the default skybox.

Caveat: AFAIK, you have to rebuild the Wonderland source code to get this to work. This will not work if you are using the binary build.

1. Download or build a skybox.

  • Pre built skyboxes can be found here:
  • You're on your own if you build it yourself. Plenty of tutorials and software is available online.

2. Navigate to the skybox directory:


3. Make backup copies of all your existing skybox images

     -in bash:

          $ mkdir backup

          $ cp *.jpg ./backup
4. Name the new skybox files the same names as the old skybox files

The default Wonderland skybox names correspond to the following directions:

        1.jpg = right
        2.jpg = back
        3.jpg = left
        4.jpg = front
        5.jpg = bottom
        6.jpg = top
Visually, they should be arranged like this:

Note that the top edge of image 4 must match up with the bottom edge of image 6.

5. Resize the new skybox images to dimensions 512 x 512

6. Overwrite the old skybox image files by copying the new skybox images, which you renamed and resized, to the skybox directory. :


NOTE: Many pre-built skyboxes do not have a bottom image. Since the bottom image is typically not seen in-world, you do not have to replace it. Just leave the old skybox image.

7. Rebuild Wonderland (ant clean, ant, ant run-server)

8. Launch and enjoy your new skybox!

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