Code-a-thon - Sunday October 14, 2012#

Date: Sunday at 1 PM EDT In your time zone:

The Project#

Postcards from Wonderland

The invite:

Before the day#

Please take the time to test your system, especially the audio. There is a “Client Test” button on the server home page As well, it would be great to test it live with another user in world. Nicole will be in world at 4 and 8 pm US Eastern time on Saturday to help you test and resolve audio issues. Important: Please use a headset as the echo from a speaker/microphone combinations is a major problem especially over the course of a few hours. You don't need a fancy headset, it is fine to use headphones or earbuds and the microphone on your laptop or desktop computer.

Agenda for Sunday#

  • Introductions (mention how much time you can give)
  • Overview of guidelines and logistics
  • Brainstorm Postcards from Wonderland design
  • Create user stories
  • Planning & task creation
  • Divide up into teams and assign tasks
  • Testing


Guidelines and technical details#

We are hoping to accomplish most of the planning and work in world. We have two instances of Netbeans accessible along with planning tools, notes, editors and web browsers. For those of you who are new to Wonderland, this will be a great chance to see some of the benefits this world that are not typically available in other virtual worlds. We will be taking an “agile” approach to the development of our project. Developers will work in small teams and we should work in small chunks. As well, wherever possible, we hope developers will take a test first or test driven development approach. This will make it much easier to handoff parts of the code as we progress during the day.

Wonderland Server#


Google Drive Folder#


During the session, pelase monitor our IRC channel - you can access via the web with this link

If you have any difficulty and you cannot communicate via voice or the wonderland text chat, post your message here and someone will help resolve your issue. Some of the modules used on our servers are very new and are under development, so there is always the possibility that certain clients may experience problems. If your client freezes, audio fails or you cannot see the world, exit (or terminate) the wonderland client and try to reconnect.

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