This page contains meeting notes and other information about Open Wonderland Code-a-thons.

Code-a-thon Logistics Meetings - October 10, 2012#

Code-a-thon - October 14, 2012

  • Bob, Ryan, Jon will have ssh access to server
  • Setup
    • Meet on owf1
    • Deploy new code on owf2
    • Some people will be able to log into both at the same time
    • Others will have to go back and forth
    • Have Bob or someone logged on to owf2 via ssh
    • Commit to repository on owf1 or through command line
    • Two NetBeans instances in Dev Zone
    • Need two copies of module (clone twice) and manage with git
    • Everyone needs to be on IRC

To Do#

  • Bring owf2 up-to-date (Jon)
  • Make sure owf2 has subsnapshot installed (Nicole)
  • Set up git repository with empty OWL module that compiles (José)
    • Start with José's existing one
  • Pointer to code for taking in-world snapshots (Jon)
  • Make sure NetBeans has the git plug-in (Bob)
    • Need to add developers to security group
  • Revert code to get secondary windows working (Jon)
  • Get rid of excessive logging (Jon)
  • Look at Facebook code from Essex
  • Send email to everyone who has RSVP'd (Bob)
    • Information about IRC chat
    • Test that environment is working ahead of time, particularly audio
      • Someone will be in-world if you need help (Saturday 4pm, 8pm)

Agenda for Code-a-thon#

  • Introductions (mention how much time you can give)
  • Overview of guidelines and logistics
  • Brainstorm Postcards from Wonderland design
  • Create user stories
  • Planning & task creation
  • Divide up into teams and assign tasks
  • Testing

Code-a-thon Planning Meeting - October 3, 2012#


  • Establishing goals for Open Wonderland Code-A-Thons
  • Defining attributes of a good Code-A-Thon project
  • Brainstorming project ideas
  • Deciding on a project idea for the first Code-A-Thon scheduled for Sunday, October 14th
  • Discussing how to organize teams
  • Strategies for publicizing the event to bring in more developers, designers, and artists


  • Attract new developers
  • Demonstrate how fast we can develop simple modules
  • Show off unique features of Open Wonderland
  • Contribute new features that people in the community can use

Attributes of a Good Project

  • Small
  • At least accomplish a milestone within timeframe
  • Demonstrate without restarting server too often
  • Testable with "mocks"
  • Fun to work on with an interesting result
  • Not too much math or 3D graphics
  • Well-defined interface
  • Modular enough for multiple people to work on
  • Could use EZScript to add dynamic component

Project Ideas

  • Tool for planning poker - Fibonacci
    • used for facilitating a team estimating a programming project
    • based on user story
    • each member estimates how long a user story will take to implement
    • one point represents an engineering day / 5 points a week
  • Voting tool for agile programming
  • Dynamic art gallery with music
  • Mars Rover - Curiosity
    • replicate work that was done
  • World population - growing or shrinking?
  • Data feed viewer
    • could start with text feeds (stock, twitter, etc.)
    • other types of feeds (weather, air traffic, images, music/audio)
    • outputs are visualizations
    • feeds from something like Nagios ( to monitor servers
    • tailing log files
    • web site monitoring / Google analytics
    • client-based vs. server-based?
      • client-based easier, server-based would guarantee ever sees the same thing
  • Produce something in-world and push it out
    • SoundCloud - repository for sound files (
      • two people playing instruments
    • Broadcast capability
    • Postcards from Wonderland (to email, flickr, facebook, instagram)
  • Rubik's Cube

Postcards from Wonderland (to email, flickr, facebook, instagram)#

  • Project is doable
  • Demonstrates outbound integration with web services
  • Need to set up event on Facebook or Eventbrite


Need to set up or plan the following:

  • Use two servers
  • Everything needs to be ready for coding to begin
  • Version control set up
  • Encourage individual development on personal systems
  • Someone needs command-line access to owf1 and owf2 servers
  • May need to install git modules for the in-world NetBeans instances
  • May need to recruit an artist or two
  • Someone to write documentation / social media
  • Need to know how many people are going to participate

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