Project Wonderland Community Meeting Notes � 02/20/2010

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Nicole opened the meeting and indicated that she has been VERY busy trying to pull things together. Things are in the works, but she wasn't able to announce anything just yet.

(at this point my laptop must have masqueraded as Playstation 3 because my husband shut off my internet instead of my son's!)

(On re-entry, there was some discussion about community server instances.)

We talked about ideally having two servers. One with a locked-down world or set of worlds that could be used for meetings. The other would be a sand-box world where people could play around, upload content etc. This world would be restarted from a snapshot every day.

Morris suggested we should have a cloud or cluster of wonderland instances. Discussion about having a community world that is reserved for meetings. Maybe set up a Google calendar for giving tours, classes, etc.

We should have snapshots done on a schedule. How do we automate?

Matt: Sikuli can script this. It's still a little immature so stability isn't exactly where it needs to be, but if you know the steps, it'll do it for you.

Morris is going to be giving scripting classes. He's currently on working on the preview3 version, and then how to go about giving a class. Maybe about a month out. Matty volunteered to help Morris do this.

Nicole has done some world-building classes. She puts together a zip file with a 'world' bundle with all the content to drag and drop. She did one for Rocket World (with Aaron Walsh).

We need to create a repository of worlds in the Project Wonderland warehouse. People may not know how to package up their artwork. Right now it's more of a programmer task to create a package. Maybe have a menu command that lets you create a module out of a world (or ability to subselect). This is essentially exporting the wfs.

Tips on simplifying placemarks: You can attach a placemark to an object in world via the properties sheet. (Right click on the item in world, click on properties, and then click on '+' to add the 'placemark' attribute.) The placemark then moves with the object! Also, if you create a container, then everything moves together, including the placemarks! Nicole has a transparent floor tile in the Sketchup warehouse ( that can be used to set an arbitrary placemark in world by setting the placemark property.

There was talk about having an 'orientation' module. And this also relates to snapshotitng a piece of the world. This would entail taking a snapshot and turning it into a module, or a subset of a snapshot.

To turn this into a module you may be able to use Jon's shell script that grabs snapshot information and related assets to move it to another server, and add to it the ability to rewrite URL's. Also, there is code in the darkstar server that lets you export a wfs.

Problem: Lengthy startup of jar file when behind a firewall. Jon posted this problem on the glassfish forum. The workaround is to set the proxies using the file. (See

Video Player: Nigel is waiting for a fix from the community that maintains the codec before he releases the player. Matty offered to do bug/regression testing. NPC's: We should have NPC's talk to users and model certain behaviors. Matty has been playing with cmu module to see if that would work

Morris is in process of finishing scripting component that will allow you to script NPC's. He is now in process of integrating audio. This will definitely work!! J

More on scripting: Morris has been REALLY busy!! He is going to release scripting NPC's, and a scripting imager (allowing you to display and switch images under script control).� He�s working on a modified satellite module that adds scripting control of things in the model.� As an example, he built a module with 2 overlapping textures where the script can make one or the other visible.� Morris also added a scripting tutorial to Jordan�s shape tutorial that shows how to use scripting to do the same as the java code.

Nina will contact volunteers to figure out how to implement a site that will allow us to organize the community into special interest groups

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