Wonderland Community Meeting Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meeting Minutes

Okay. let's give this a shot...

Nicole is going to say something first. 1. situation - Nicole is good at euphemisms.... A few of the team got offers at Oracle. They are pursuing a 3 prong approach. St. Paul College has donated a server (yay!). Once they have permission they will copy the website over. Oracle will be leaving their existing wonderland website up for now They are also trying to create a wonderland open source foundation. <end prong 1>

They are talking to a number of corporations but it's still too early to tell

Possibly forming a small company for contracting etc.

Biggest problem is losing the community -- Nooooo!!!!! :(

Morris: How do we go about forming a cohesive community and what/who/how to proceed?

(What's the vision? Need a non-profit for keeping the forums/community going, hosts events, etc. And does bug-fixing, etc. -- model they are using is the Sakai foundation. They have a learning management system. This is the model used by St. Paul.) People pay to be members of the foundation -- corporate, patron, etc. And you can apply for grants.

Nicole will be able to support the coordination of the community for a short period of time as a volunteer. But eventually will need to have it as a paid position.

Need to have a blog, a website, and the source code. They are working out the details for copying the site with Oracle.

GPL license will allow them to "fork" the code. GPL license says that if you make changes to the core, and distribute outside your organization, then you need to make the source available, and you provide a statement to that effect. If you submit to java.net, then you sign a joint contributor agreement with Sun, and then you both have copyrights to the code.

All WL code right now is owned by Oracle.

The classpath exception allows you to put all proprietary code in modules.

Shawn Kendall: They implemented the avatar subsystem and they've been working on the jmonkey redistributable and mtgame. All the changes are being placed in google code and putting it back into the community, and the avatar system.

Mike Gialis: RedDwarf is the name for the new Darkstar. They are also moving ahead with a non-profit and a for-profit (similar to WL).

(Jonathan Kaplan had a baby!!!)

Jon thinks we are not in any immediate risk with the current version of darkstar server. (Ivan agrees.)

Question about the Evolver project: They got their money!! :) The multi-mesh avatars are already on their site. But not yet announced. We are encouraged to try it out now. They're going to install the evolver module on this server to test it out.

Maggie suggested that we have the XMPP presence module enabled to see who is around and when. You need to register a special account with jabber.org and the WL server will use that. (There's a blog post on that.) Maggie will look at the post and configure the account.

Preview3 -> Nicole is holding up the works!! Nina will help with the blog post.

How can the community help? Try to keep good publicity going!!! Go on google news and search for "wonderland oracle" and you can help out by doing some damage control -- especially where things are just not true. It would help everyone. Contribute to the module warehouse -- it'll show that it's a growing/dynamic place Please stay active on the forums -- but please remember that some of the WL team are very busy scrambling, so please be patient, and please help out other community members. Even if you don't have an answer, at least acknowledge posts so people don't think that the tree fell with no one around to hear it... Oracle has publicly stated that java.net will continue being supported... The "forked" version will happen, but not immediately - the forked code keeps them away from any IP issues. The developers will ensure that people know where to go for the new code The things they don't know how to migrate are the forum and the bug database. They may keep those things up for historic information -- not sure how to migrate it. Once they copy the website, they're going to copy their doc's to the new site (from the wiki) We need someone to volunteer to set up a twitter account for Wonderland Need to establish a vetting mechanism for core changes -- like doing code reviews, helping to make decisions as to what goes in or not. (Probably a good role for the foundation to establish a "board") If you have wonderland services to offer, then make sure people know about it -- it's important to show that there is still momentum If there are additional features that people would like to see, we need to create a place or have meetings regularly to determine priorities Maggie offered to provide a system in case this one goes away Morris has a system, but bandwidth is limited - Nicole is going to talk to Morris later about possibly moving the system to a different datacenter Nicole is going to email Morris her gmail address and add collaborators to ensure Nina didn't mess up the notes. Someone needs to get the Project Wonderland twitter name/account

Grant proposals: A lot of people who have access to government grants, send money! :) obviously no one is watching what I'm typing... The WL team is interested in partnering on grant proposals. We also need to get this info out to the general community. Need to network to pass on this info.

Proof of concepts: We are going to continue to pursue these.

Is there a list of things that need to be done? Good idea!! Morris is going to make this list a google document after this meeting.

New WL website uses Joomla -- content management and php-based.

Dave volunteered to help out with the documentation and Joomla.

Morris said that interfacing with OpenSim will be difficult because they are architecturally incompatible. (The WL team has engaged in conversations with Linden Labs, and some types of interoperability may be possible, but complete interoperability would be a large engineering project.) There may be inventory integrations that can be done. Maggie thinks that SL interoperability with WL -- we will end up with modules for WL that are capable of interfacing with content that is able to be taken across environments. Rumor is that there's a big announcement coming out soon regarding OpenSim and SL..

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