Wonderland Community Meeting March 6, 2010 Meeting began at 9:24#

(See also Nina's notes below)

Nicole reported good news. The Open Wonderland Foundation articles of incorporation were filed. The founding board of directors meeting will happen on Tuesday. The Foundation will be announced..

Nicole is making final edits on the Open Wonderland website.

Oracle made a business decision to put a GPL license on the various Wonderland assets, which will allow us to fork the web site and documentation wiki. All pages or documents changed by the Foundation will have the Open Wonderland Foundation copyright appended.

When you fork code under a GPL license, the original owner keeps the copyright. But when you make changes you add a new copyright. The old copyright must stay on the original. The source code control system documents it but it doesn’t hurt to put a comment in the code to show what has been changed. So the copyright is held jointly. Anyone who wants to contribute will sign a contributor agreement so that the governing body has the right to redistribute the code.

Copyright guidelines are published in the FAQ’s, or will be shortly.

There will be a new contributor agreement. Anyone who wants to contribute will need to sign the new agreement. Nicole is trying to figure out a way to have people sign the form on-line.

Once we fork, documentation and the website, the PW website will go away. It is likely that on Friday the existing site will be pulled. Nicole hopes for a redirect link. The Darkstar website went away yesterday (action item for everyone below), and did include a redirect link.

Actions Needing Help (Summary)#

  • Create Wikipedia Pages for Open Wonderland and the Open Wonderland Foundation (Maggie)
  • Create Project Directory (Nina to start)
  • Change links to new website (Everyone)
  • Move wiki content and images (Maggie to begin—need help if manual)
  • Monitor the old forum and redirect people to the new (Everyone)
  • Help fundraising--Need people to give money and ask others to give (Everyone).
  • Create 3D design using an Evolver avatar (Dan)
  • Brainstorm ideas (services/member benefits) to encourage people to donate—send to Nicole (Everyone)

Notes From Action Item Discussion#

Wikipedia Pages (Maggie)#

Need Wikipedia pages for Open Wonderland and one for Open Wonderland Foundation. Open Wonderland Foundation will be the governing entity and will hold copyrights for any changes to the code.

Project Directory (Nina to start)#

Need to create a directory of the projects that people are working on with links to the projects and peoples names—really short to put on the community wiki. (Nina will do the page but others will need to contribute—Nicole will provide some projects to begin)

'Website and Wiki (Everyone)'

Action item for everyone—Once we fork documentation and the website, the PW website will go away. Every place that we can change we want to change the link to the new website.

Need someone to help move the wiki content—we don’t need to move everything but should move the important stuff. Maggie will write some script to transfer—if it has to be done manually we will move the important stuff. We should be able to go back and update the wiki links.

In the current wiki, the images for the tutorials are all over. We are going to need to find the images, move them and find the links.

Maggie will look into a way to automate to take the bugs from Java.net and move to Google. Otherwise we will have to lists of bugs.

Forum (Everyone)#

We will establish a new forum. The old will remain but we want to make a clean break. Everyone on java.net will be migrating to a new Google group. So we want to get as much stuff off as we can. For the time being we will do a new forum on Google code and the old will be for reference. We need people to monitor the old forum and let people know that they need to post on the new. We are forking so we cannot shut down the old forum.


We need help fundraising. Need people to give money and ask others to give.

Nicole will try to get a widget that people can put on other sites. Nicole suggests we might open up a Wonderland store where the foundation gets a café press. Gary our artist donated his time and remade the logo so it is an Open Wonderland logo.

Need a 3d artist that could make a design using an Evolver avatar for T-shirst, etc. which we might give away as a member gift. (Dan volunteered)

Discussed Google ad words. This is a program for nonprofits. You apply for a Google grant. The grant is not a grant of money. But if you get a grant you can take money without being charged. But there is a fair amount of work for the application and setting it up.

Discussed ways to encourage people to donate. There will be different levels of membership, with different benefits. If you contribute enough money you get a certain number of hours of services or seminars free of charge. Community members could run such sessions to help raise money.

Nicole could use additional ideas for useful services to encourage people to donate.

Technical Discussion#

Morris has set up servers on Amazon’s elastic cloud to test using their servers for Wonderland. It has been fairly successful. In 2 or 3 weeks of experimenting, he has spent $8 or $9. A meeting like the community meeting would cost about $1.

Maggie has made an enhancement request in Wonderland that would simplify automating network configuration in an on-demand deployment.

Morris is getting ready to do a first scripting class and is waiting until the Foundation running. Morris will work with Nicole to schedule sometime after next week.

As soon as the foundation is announced we will put the code for bug fixes for Preview 4 will be available on Google.

Nina's notes:#

Community Meeting#

March 7, 2010 (discussion before meeting started: Portals aren’t working right – run out of permgen memory because it sets up a classloader per server, and no garbage collection until every class has been removed from previous server.)


Oracle made a business decision to put a GPL license on the WL website and forum. So both will be migrating. There’s a new contributor agreement. Nicole is trying to figure out a way to sign the form online. (How to do that? Nicole put that on her list!)
  • Wikipedia
    • open wonderland
    • open wl found'n
  • Code Changes:
Foundation will hold the rights to the code. And it will copyright the code. The copyright notice must stay on the documents and the code. But when you make changes, then your copyright notice in, and there’s a requirement to indicate what changes you made. You'll need to sign a contributor agreement. Copyright gives the foundation the right to redistribute your code. It is a joint copyright agreement. (So you both own it.) Requests for Community Help
  • Twitter account (Maggie did it)
  • New Facebook page for Open Wonderland
  • Maggie added a page to the community wiki that lists many of the wonderland projects (instances). Please add to this page with your project!!
  • Everybody: once the documentation and website are forked, the existing website is going to go away. Likely on Friday (3/12/10) it will be gone.
  • Need help moving the wiki content - not ALL of it, but the key information. Maggie offered to create a script to help move. But if not, it's manual, so it's a big job.
  • Wiki images are located ALL OVER THE PLACE! when it's moved, the links have to be updated. Is there an image repository for the google wiki? (Maggie will looked into that.)
  • Jon is going to see if there's a way to automate that will take the bugs from java.net bug database to the google bug database. But would like some community support if available.
  • Going to establish a new forum, but old one will be there for reference. But need people to monitor old forum to direct them to the new forum. Any useful information can be put into the wiki.
  • Need to engage in some fundraising.... Maybe open wonderland cookies? :)
  • We may open up a wonderland store! And the foundation gets a percentage. (Cafe Press?)
  • Nicole will provide the new logo for other sites (eg, Wiki)
  • Need a 3-D artist for designing a wonderland evolver avatar T-Shirt. Dan is a 3-D designer!
  • Need someone who has experience with Google Ad-words. Non-profits can apply for a google grant. When people search for these words, then your logo/site will be in the list of "sponsors" on the right. The grant lets you process credit cards on checkout without paying the fee. -levels of member benefits: if you contribute enough money you get a certain number of WL team hours of support for free. Community members are being called on to help out with this kind of support. -please submit your ideas for member benefits that will encourage people to donate (e.g., levels of support)


Morris has set up some servers on Amazon’s elastic cloud for Wonderland. Small world, but quickly ran into memory problems (1.5gb). Then set up 7.5 gm 64-bit + 4 compute units. Ran extremely well. 2-3 weeks of experimenting and occasionally running, $8-$9. Very little charge for data during his testing. Maybe about $60/month to keep it running.

Would very much like to have the properties consolidated into a top level (https://wonderland.dev.java.net/issues/show_bug.cgi?id=1116)

Morris said that Amazon has an API that can be used to set up an instance, and retrieve info about the instance. (E.g., DNS name, IP, etc.) He’s looking for a way to store configuration information by the program collecting this information and then when an instance starts up it’ll go grab that info to configure itself.

Technical discussion post-meeting:#

TCP dump => J. fixed a bug where when everyone logged in at once, the webdav caused the server to freeze. But Morris is seeing this BEFORE login screen. Morris sees it on the test server or EC2 and he’s the only person logging in.

January 21st build includes a fix for the behind-the-firewall problem where it takes an hour to start up due to a bug in glassfish.

If need to create a new authentication module, look at source for userplugin to see how to do this. Client is designed to eventually use OpenSSO, which will enable more seamless federated access (passing credentials).

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