December 1, 2010

A group of about 12 people gathered today to review the new default worlds. We decided that for documentation we want to describe each space, including pointing out some of the limitations, and also give some general guidance on how the worlds can be used.

Here are the notes from the meeting. The spaces were roughly ordered in terms of graphics complexity, with the first world being the most complex.

Meeting Complex#


  • Meetings
  • Product demonstrations
  • Breakout sessions
  • OWL Demo space

Attributes / Notes

  • High graphics fidelity
  • Shows off level-of-detail capability (bricks)
  • Long load time, so may not be practical for everyday use
  • Difficult for users to navigate the winding paths
    • Recommend the use of placemarks to move from location to location
    • Can add Placemarks to the transparent floor tiles

Meeting Complex



  • Use as a hub world
  • Add your own building

Attributes / Notes

  • Large single model of a town
  • Only buidling exteriors are modeled
  • Could provide a collection of single buildings to add to space
    • Useful to have a few with interiors
  • Create doors as portals
    • Provide doorway art



  • Art or other exhibits
  • Trade show space
    • 1-3 exhibits in each gallery
  • Use multiple Galleries as breakout rooms

Attributes / Notes

  • Loads fast
  • Not ideal for shared apps due to aspect ratio of walls
  • Make available as stand-alone art, perhaps in different colors




  • Slideshows
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Use as hub with one or more Gallery spaces

Attributes / Notes

  • Space is large
  • Use with microphone


Japanese Pavilion#


  • Exhibit space
  • Orientation space with set of steps
  • Presentation of 3D models
  • Social gathering
  • Japanese language learning

Attributes / Notes

  • Space is designed to use grassy courtyard or exterior
  • Plenty of open space for apps or models

Japanese Pavilion

Almost Empty#


  • Create your own space
  • Virtual farming!

Attributes / Notes

  • Minimal space loads quickly
  • Designed as a base to build out your own world

Almost Empty

Combined Starter World#

In the release, we decided to create a combined world that includes all of the new default worlds. The starting location uses the Almost Empty world as a base and adds a few objects intended to demonstrate some of the new features. Here's what you can do in the Starter World space:

Starter World

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