Meeting Notes - September 15, 2010#

This small meeting included Nicole, Maggie, Morris and Gary. Since we met last time, Jonathan imported some subsnapshots of a few existing demos spaces, so we focused on how to take what we currently have and turn it into a reasonable demo. We came up with the following To Do list.

To Do:

Starting Location

  • Simple space
  • Large poster with first three panels of Quickstart Guide (Nicole)
  • Portals to each of the other spaces
    • Portal artwork (Gary)
    • Screenshots of each space for portals (?)
    • Blurbs about each demo space (Nicole, Gary)
Community Showcase - M1 space
  • Rename M1 space to "Community Showcase"
  • Change slide show to community showcase (Nicole)
    • Update to include Amphisocial & Evolver
  • Collect screenshots for gallery (Nicole)
  • Collect URLs to community videos / websites (Nicole)
  • Write blurbs for each showcased project (All)
  • Several portals to community subsnapshots
    • Fort Necessity (Gary)
    • COMSLIVE (Nigel Wynn)
    • iSocial ? (Ryan)

General Items

  • Find or make some new terrains (Gary)
  • Install modules (Nicole)
    • Water World
    • Piano
    • Fountain
  • Configure shared apps (Jonathan)
    • Firefox
    • Open Office
  • Investigate why COS isn't working in orientation space (Nicole)
  • Write demo script (Nicole)
    • Include URLs for webcams, audio files, video
Other possible spaces
  • Space specifically to demo shared apps
  • Space that includes webcam video

Kickoff meeting Notes - August 13, 2010#

During the meeting today, we met in a version of the Orientation space modified for demo purposes. We decided to build the initial Demo World using this as a base world, but with the starting location moved to inside the building. We also decided that we would start by building a demo world using only the existing OWL functionality and then we would add things like scripted NPCs and animations once we had a base world built.

Main purposes for Demo World:

  • Self-guided tours for people interested in checking out the technology
  • Live tours for people who would like to be shown around

We discussed having people volunteer to give live tours at certain fixed times. We also talked about having emails or IMs automatically generated to volunteers when visitors enter the world so that if someone is available, they can hop on an greet the visitors.

The initial Demo World spaces will include the following:

  • Orientation space
    • Use Case: Small meetings & brainstorming
    • brainstorming
      • Whiteboard sticky notes, drag-and-drop images
    • meeting with PDF /shared app
    • portal
    • cone of silence
    • make your avatar display
      • explain how how to configure your avatar
      • explain about cartoon avatars
      • link to
    • radio to test audio
  • Auditorium (Gary created this model)
    • Use Case: Presentations
    • PDFs, Shared Apps, Whiteboard
    • Speaker and audio microphones
  • Medical ICU (Nicole contributing this space)
    • Use Case: Observe live or recorded "procedures" in ICU
    • observation room with "one-way" window
    • microphone capability that amplifies ICU room audio in observation room
  • Marbleous
    • Physics demo
  • Exhibit space (Another Gary-contributed space)
    • Use Case: Museum-style exhibit with some interactive components
    • OWL community showcase
    • Screenshots of lots of community projects
    • Clickable links to videos
    • When possible, inclusion of modules created as part of project being showcased
      • Eg, Sticky Notes
      • Eg, Xland piano, fountain, fireplace, configurable bed and plants
      • Eg, Chemistry module
      • Eg, Sorting demo
  • Language Learning space (Neil to begin collecting models)
    • Use Case: Learning a foreign language alone and with others
    • Space with cafe, train station, etc.
    • Ideally, button to set your language
    • click objects to hear word in different languages
    • NPCs conversing in selected language
  • Mixed-Reality space (?)
    • Use Case: Mixed-reality teaching or meeting space
    • Need an idea for this one!
  • Playground
    • Use Case: Allow people to add models, objects from the Insert menu, etc.

Additional discussion topics from Michel:#

Yes we probably also need to chat about roles at:
- OWL platform-level (e.g. updating, optional modules and specific enhancements & "nicies")
- world-level (e.g. cleaning and security)
- demos-level (e.g. scenarios and associated application-level tools & "things")
I volunteer to do some of the above, as needed.

Kickoff notes from Nicole:#

I would like to put together a small team to tackle the project of putting
together a showcase world. Michel Denis has already volunteered to be on 
the team, so thanks Michel! If there's someone out there with artistic ability 
or access to art resources, that would be very helpful in putting together 
a really nice-looking world. Ideally, it would be great to have art created 
in one of the professional tools like Maya so we can take advantage of Wonderland's 
ability to render high-quality 3D models. We do have the "orientation world" 
we can start with and I have several artist-created models (a large building 
and a large auditorium) that I can donate to the project. One thing we're 
lacking is some nice-looking terrain. I'm sure we'll need a lot more art as 
well once we start working on the project.
So far, I've been thinking about the demo space in terms of usage
scenarios. For example, if I'm a person interested in using Wonderland for
distributed meetings, what sort of space would best illustrate how
Wonderland could be used in that context? At the kick-off meeting, we'll
begin by brainstorming on several topics:

* overall organizing concept for the space
* top three or four most common usage scenarios
* most important features to demonstrate
* ideas for creating self-guided tours

Some issues we'll have to deal with include:

* cleaning up the space after visitors leave
* protecting some of the spaces so they don't get messed up
* providing ample opportunity for people to experiment and try out features

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