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Hey everyone, As a followup from our meeting, I have a running WL instance on EC2 and I am in the process of creating an AMI (invocable image). I have tested with voice and shared apps but only with one client. If anyone wants to experiment, probably the best thing would be to get an account set up and read the basic getting started docs. I still have to figure out how to share the AMI. Basically the steps to getting a WL instance running are:

Start an instance using the AMI I created.

Create a key pair and save your public key on your system somewhere.

Create an elastic ip and associate it to the instance.

Log into your instance using something like 'ssh -i public.key ubuntu@elasticIP'

Do the command 'ifconfig' in the instance to get the local ip.

Mount the WL volume with 'sudo mount /dev/sdf1 w5-pre3'

Next you must fix all the public and private addresses in the properties. I find that it is easier to edit the ~/.wonderland-server/0.5-preview3/deploymentPlan.xml file and just changing every public ip to your elastic ip and every local ip to the local address you found with the ifconfig. The only other thing is to edit the ~/w5-pre3/wonderland/ file and change the ip there to your elastic ip.

Go to ~/w5-pre3/wonderland and do 'ant run-server'.

After it starts, the WL instance should be running.

I plan to go through the process with a new instance to get a better list of the procedure but that one should get you started. Morris

I have tried out Morris AMI and I was able to get it working with two clients. Morris sent me the firewall configurations I have attached below. Bob

Security Group#

You should setup a security group that opens the following ports on the Amazon firewall for your instance.

udp10000 ==> 10200
tcp44400 ==> 44500

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