In the Wonderland Wednesday session On November 16, 2011, the group used the Cardwall application to brainstorm about ideas for improving the Open Wonderland infrastructure. Here are the rough notes from the session.

Upgrade Glassfish#

  • Running old version
  • Security certificate issue

Upgrade JAXB library#

(JAXB turns Java code into XML)
  • Currently getting errors with Subsnapshots
  • Upgrading might break OWL work-arounds and require refactoring (Bob hasn't had this issue)

Improve avatar system#

  • Integrate with avatar creation tool such as Open Avatar
  • Inventory
  • Easy to add new animations
  • Easy to make new clothing
  • Add new skeletons
    • child skeletons

Standardize Java Singletons#

  • Follow a singleton pattern
    • enumeration pattern
  • Clean up singleton code

Key binding manager#

  • Change key bindings on demand
  • Mouselook
  • Need to deal with current modules
  • Module register keystrokes
    • ones in conflict highlighted
    • allow you to re-map
  • Server based

Improve load times#

  • Talk to Jon

Embedded Swing Improvements#

  • Nice to support transparency on HUD
  • Deal with resolution issues
  • Resize HUD window

Update JME#

  • Consider ""Programmable Shader Pipeline""
  • Find source of funding?

Moving User List#

  • Currently in Audio Manager, where it doesn't really belong

Adding secure menu items#

  • For placemarks
  • For menu items only for admins

Improve security#

  • Secure communications for transfering files
  • Darkstar communications
  • Maybe audio

Audio alternatives#

  • For many people, Skype works and OWL audio doesn't
  • Skype API? Could we use it the way we connect avatars to telephone audio

jQuery to replace Prototype#

(Javascript libraries)
  • jQuery is more popular
  • Allows better user feedback on web admin pages

Text chat improvements#

(José working on this)
  • Tabbed chats
  • Timestamps
  • Choose font size


  • Ability to have different environments per region
    • lighting
    • skyboxes
  • Security based on regions

More modular#

  • Eg, native libraries in modules
  • Isolating them more with own classloaders

Swing layer#

  • Prevent client from freezing due to Swing problems
  • Layer for Swing module to manage threading

Module UI framework#

  • Rather than fixing embedded swing, use different UI framework for HUD and Java apps
    • eg, SWT (Eclipse)

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