For a summary of the second brainstorming session, see LightingBrainstorming2.

The November 3, 2010 Wonderland Wednesday session was devoted to a discussion of lighting. On the forum, we mentioned these as discussion topics:

  • Visual representation of a "light" cell or capability
    • Illuminate object
    • Object as light source
  • User Stories
  • Usability
  • Simplest possible solution

In the brainstorming session, here's what we actually talked about.

Three separate lighting problems#

  • World illumination
    • day, dusk, night
    • sun source
    • shadows
  • Objects as light sources
  • Object illumination

World Illumination#

There's a placeholder for world properties if you open the Object Editor and click on the World Root item. This is where lightening properties would go in the UI

  • Environment property sheet
    • setting for light position
    • light color
    • intensity
    • change skybox image
    • Allow user to save and name set
    • Have some pre-sets for dawn, night, etc.
    • Use different settings for different regions
      • coordinate plus radius to define region

Objects as light source#

  • radius
  • intensity
  • color
  • fall-off
  • etc.
  • specify a 3D point using off-set
  • Either "point light" or "spot light"
  • spot light needs direction and angle (how big cone is)

Object illumination#

  • If obj does not have material state, add one
  • Provide sliders to control values:
  • Material has 4 types of light (ambient, diffuse, specular, emmisive)

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