Notes from the 2nd Lighting Brainstorming session that took place on 13th October 2011.

To summarise from last brainstorming, there were three main issues:

  • World illumination
  • Objects as light sources
  • Object illumination

The session began by adding an extra issue: avatar faces.

When trying to tackle these lighting issues it seems that they are not independent. We were not clear whether the problems are caused by world illumination or object illumination, with the result that we felt we should first experiment with world illumination to understand what effect it had on object illumination.

World Illumination#

World illumination is controlled by three lights in the environment cell and rendered by the DefaultEnvironmentRenderer. The three lights are added here. As was identified in the earlier brainstorming session, the properties of the lights could be controlled via a property sheet on the cell in the wonderland object editor. Jon Kaplan suggested that it would likely be less than a week's work to add properties to control the lights, so we are looking for volunteers/student to take this on.

As an experiment, Jon suggested that it would be possible to add a capability to a cell so that when a user entered it the lighting conditions were changed for that user (or specifically, that user's client) by adjusting the properties of the environment lights. At the moment, there is no accessor on the class to retrieve the lights, but this could be added.

In addition to adding properties to the environment cell, it was suggested that it may be worth experimenting with different kinds of light, such as directional light, perhaps changing one of the lights to be a non-directional point light. (A point light is one that acts as a source of light emanating from an x,y,z location.)

Avatar Faces#

The problem with avatar faces, according to Jon, is that the avatar system uses shaders that only respond to one of the environment lights. This mechanism is baked into the avatar code. Jon asked for volunteers to take a look at the code to find a way to get it to take more than one light into account.

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