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This is a wiki for discussion and random documentation maintained by the Open Wonderland community.#

It's intended to be much less formal and structured, and much more dynamic and experimental that the main OpenWonderland wiki. If something incubates here and become useful, it might be a candidate for porting to the main wiki. If you're part of the Wonderland community, please feel free to create a login, play around here and add your own content. It's pretty hard to actually break something, and the more of us we have who are comfortable with this tech, the more interactive our work in the Wonderland community will become...especially since we're not all able to meet in-world at the same time!
The wikispammers have found us. It's not bad yet, but it may soon be necessary soon to go to an authenticated-users only system soon. We'll let you know here how to cope with that if it happens.
We're powered by JSPWiki. It uses Java technology, has a rich feature-set and might even be useful to have in a PW Glassfish someday. - Maggie Leber

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