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The Wonderland workspace consists of a number of separate areas. The layout of areas is:
 |---------- tools/
 |---------- core/
 |---------- modules/
 |---------- packaging/
 |---------- test/
 |---------- build-tools/
 |---------- lib/
 | build.xml

For the purpose of dependencies, it is important to know what order the areas are built in. The areas will be built in the order they are listed in Table 1. below:

Table 1. Area build order

Area Output Purpose
1. tools wonderland-tools.jar Common tools relied on in the build process, for example tools for building the Wonderland code.This also includes underlying technologies like WFS and modules installation.
2. core wonderland-server.jar
The core Wonderland client and server code.
3. modules module-specific jar files Add-on functionality to the core Wonderland code. Modules include core features, applications, services and web content.
4. package wonderland.jar Classes needed to package and run Wonderland, including the embedded Glassfish server.
5. test Tests of the Wonderland system.

In addition, each area contains some common directories, as described below. Further information on each core area is also included below.

Area basics#

Each area in Wonderland, including the top level, contains the following directories:

 |---------- build-tools/
 |---------- lib/
 | build.xml

The purpose of the directories is:

  • build-tools contains all build-files needed to build the given area. build-tools may also contain common build files used by areas below this area.
  • lib contains all external libraries needed to build the given area.
  • build.xml is the main ant build file for the area.

In addition, when an area is built, it may contain the following directories:

  • build contains the compiled build artifacts used during the build of an area. This directory will be removed when a directory is cleaned.
  • dist contains the completed results of building the area.

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