Third Weekly meeting#

Please add any content that I've missed, or new ideas!


  • We are done with jME Cells and Swing based modules. It's all project work from now on. The intro document for this session is here.
  • Next meeting, next week, same time! Thursday Feb the 24th, 3p.m. (EST), 8p.m. (GMT).

Participant presentations#

The field is open for anyone to present on whatever wonderland related topic you wish.

Philip has volunteered to organise an intro talk on MT-Game (date to be determined!)

Bring your own module for peer review!#

If you guys want to present your work at weekly meetings (which would be fantastic for peer review), you can send the jar file to me (at least) 1 hour before the meeting. Please note that if you are all working from the tutorial, you will need to use custom names so that all the modules can be deployed at the same time. Pre-pending your user name should be enough to avoid any problems.


PLEASE POST MATERIAL TO YOUR BLOGS! And try to review at least two others per week (leaving comments with feedback is a form or review!).

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