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Projects proposed#

The following projects had been proposed. They are classified in different areas as:


Richards is working in a scripted set of models to teach how to use sound material. See his post here

Client technology#

The main idea here is to create the infrastructure for a very light-weight 2D client (with as much functionality as possible.

2D client#

Generic 2D client with limited functionality that can server as a gateway for the world. Different ideas where discussed such as showing dots or orbs for connected clients, and at least, have voice capabilities.

2D client for mobile devices#

Morris worked on an iPhone application a couple of years ago that can be resurrected (the idea at least!)

Screen sharing#

A fix for the current screen sharer (or a redesign) has been proposed.

2D client for the web and social networks#

An application like this could also run from a website or even be embedded in a social network such as facebook. That could open the environment to the millions of users that use platforms like that.

External communications -- integration with other services#

Opening up Wonderland to the external world through protocols as REST (and others) can make integration with external services and applications such as moodle or sakai easier to handle. See this post for a sample module.

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