We had a problem starting up Wonderland after the release of Preview 3.

Symptom: It took over an hour to startup the Wonderland jar file, even if it there was an existing instance (directory tree).

Cause: The new embeeded version of Glassfish (V3) has a search order that looks for information (which info should be documented here) first from the internet, and then locally. If the proxies aren't set for Glassfish, then it has to timeout with each war file that has to be deployed.

Solution: Define the http proxies in my.run.properties (see example below), and be sure to include the name of the webserver as well (in the non proxy hosts list). The properties that can be used are documented here. Also, be sure to use a nightly build after the end of January!!

Here's an example of my.run.properties, and the WL startup command.



command line#

java -jar Wonderland.jar my.run.properties

Note: we run it in the background so our command looks more like

nohup java -jar Wonderland.jar my.run.properties &

where nohup means nohangup, and the '&' tells the OS to run in the background. This works for both Red Hat and Solaris.

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