Regression Test Scripts for Open Wonderland#

This page contains a collection of regression tests for Wonderland. Please add your test scripts here and use this page as a reference for testing Wonderland functionality. The regression test scripts should represent tasks that are important for different use cases such as team meetings, lecture classes, training, or simulations.

Team Meeting (10-12 Users)#

Log In

  • Note the exact time
  • Launch Wonderland from Project Wonderland launch page
  • Modify user name in login dialog
  • Log in

Check basic functions (navigation and audio)

  • Navigate forward, backward, right and left using arrow keys
  • Side step using "q" and "e" keys
  • Speak into the microphone and make sure your name changes to red when speaking
  • Walk up to an audio source (other person or audio-enabled object) and make sure you can hear

Get Setup

  • Open user list (Windows --> Users)
  • Select your own name from the user's list
  • Click the Properties button on the user's list
  • Uncheck "Show my name"
  • Set the font size for other people's names to "Small" and click "OK"
  • Open the Gestures (Window --> Gestures (HUD))

Greet Other People

  • Ask other testers to come into the world one at a time
  • Say hello to each other person as soon as they enter the world
  • Wave to them as you say hello (click "Wave" in the Gesture HUD)
  • Ask each person a question
  • Make sure each person can hear you and you can hear them
  • As the person is talking, select his or her name in the User list and adjust the volume - make sure you hear a change
  • Invite the next person to come in and repeat
  • Close the Gesture HUD


  • Add a Whiteboard into the world (Insert --> Component -->Whiteboard (SVG) )
  • Position the whiteboard so that everyone can see it comfortably (right click, edit and use the affordances to position)
  • Have a discussion (record the amount of time you spend talking and the number of people in the world)
  • You draw on the whiteboard
  • Ask another person to draw
  • Now ask two other people to draw simultaneously

Say Goodbye

  • Ask everyone to Show Gestures either by clicking on the button in the HUD or by using the Window menu
  • Everyone wave goodbye at the same time
  • Everyone but you quit
  • Record the length of the session

Your Script Goes Here#

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