Attendees Bob, Kathryn, Maggie, Morris, Nina

Purpose of Meeting

Discuss ways to organize the Wonderland community and its information that is more cohesive and centralized that we currently have with the forum and bug tracking systems.

Current Challenges

  • Forum information is fragmented. It’s difficult to find things that share a common thread.
  • Lack of integration between forum content and bug tracker
  • It is difficult to determine the status of a problem.
  • What fixes are in which version? Currently have to use the svn log command but it can generate way too much information that you have to sift through. (The commit note in svn should include the bug number of what was worked on. This would help a lot.)


  • Need to be able to link relevant posts. For example, if it’s a darkstar server not starting question, then it should be related to all problems with darkstar server startup issues.
  • It was decided to use Maggie’s wiki to create categories, or pages. Each page can contain a list of links for that category. Bob said they had a similar problem because everyone was using email to do this, but now they are using a wiki to keep things centrally organized. Bob offered to help keep the wiki organized given his dearth of experience! :)

Solution? Drumroll.... The Wiki!

  • Maggie’s wiki is going to be the new collaboration tool for now. Maggie is willing to post on behalf of people if they are intimidated.
    • Maggie showed us her new wiki, and we are able to edit this. There’s a tutorial on the site.
    • Suggestion is to have most people create a page for themselves. That way, you can “sign” your contributions with an automatic link back to your own page.
    • The wiki includes a change history as well.
    • The community members who wish to contribute should create their own page on the wiki to post things. And then add info to the general info pages that can link back to their page for more discussion and/or information.

Next Steps

  • Need to set up a structure or page topics for the wiki
  • Maggie created a page for collecting ideas Topics

Some ideas included:

  • FAQ’s -> can summarize some of the solved problems from the forum
  • Series of "How-To" articles organized by topic
    • How to set up Wonderland in an IDE other than Netbeans
    • Cloud instances
  • Tool uploads from the community (not sure how to upload?). Jon's snapshot extraction script is a perfect one to start with!
  • Deployment models - what are you running?
    • Instances that the user community is running, and what experience they can share
    • Computing platform (memory, cpu, operating system)
    • Version of java
    • Network connectivity
    • Server configuration
    • lessons learned, performance info, whatever you can share back that would help someone else with their configuration
  • Deployment models - creative and scalable ways to deploy the environment
    • The Wonderland server isn’t “compartmentalized” (i.e., can’t really split it up into sub-worlds). Are there different ways to set up a server dynamically? Like dynamic meeting spaces to be created from a web site request – If it’s virtualized, you might be able to create a virtual image and deploy via a web page like a livemeeting request.
    • What about a “trimmed down” version of the server for “meeting in a briefcase” type of worlds? You can run an instance on your own laptop, and have other people meet you in world. This may be possible now, or requires a smaller footprint.
  • Virtualization
    • Bob has also been playing with EC2. Adding a page on the wiki to talk about this.
    • Maggie ran a WL instance in vmware, but when you run NAT’ed all the stuff tries to use the same ports as the host IP, so you could have collisions there.
    • Morris may have the his EC2 configuration working soon.
  • Security and File System
    • Shared applications allow access to the WL server files directly
      • Can run the SAS as a different user from the WL server
      • Can have the application launch as a different user
    • File synchronization and access: Since shared app’s can’t directly access files on your local system, we need to identify ways of keeping local and shared files in synch. For example, if you are using a shared Netbeans application, then ensure that the files to be edited exist in a repository. It’s important that files can be accessed and modified OUTSIDE of the wonderland context
  • Prioritization queue for development efforts -> what are some of the key features/fixes that the community feels they need? (Can we vote here???? That'd be a great feature!)
  • Build notes -> every so often a build comes along that is especially robust, or especially not very robust :). Which build is it? What did it fix? What did it break? This could be as simple as a list of builds and then community commentary regarding that build (where applicable)
  • General Performance
    • Shared applications: Load leveling -> put a box in between the wl server and multiple SAS’s.
    • At what point should you put your SAS on a different system?
  • Technology Integration - what creative ways are we integrating other tools with WL that enhance the overall capabilities. For example:
    • Bob is starting to work with nomachine -> like terminal services and it’s for linux. Check out the Remote desktops page.

Miscellaneous Topics of Discussion

  • Clouds and virtualization: Morris has a linux instance in the EC2 – he’s still struggling with connections with the servers right. He created 4 or 5 cloud servers and he’s run it 6-8 hours. His bill is just under $1!! You can run a server there for about $60/month. As soon as he gets the WL instance running. He can take an AMI (amazon machine image), and then you can take it and instantiate it. Under 0.4, hosted virtual servers didn’t work. None of the virtual servers allowed for swap space. You had to have enough memory allocated without swapping. But the amazon ec’s have swap space.
  • Maggie is running under 64-bit java!! (1.6.0_15)
  • Next time we have a community meeting we should have everyone list what they’re running.
  • RealXtend is SL based, but no code in common with the Linden client.
  • SL has a programming independent protocol between client and server. It’s static. No matter what they do to the code, they can change the code and it doesn’t affect the client. WL’s protocol is serialized java classes and anytime one of the classes changes, the protocol changes.
  • iPhone may cause problems for WL because of the requirement to download client code at runtime.
  • Nina needs to write a blog post to share a video that she made for Lockheed Martin to show at the Surface Navy Symposium in January 2010.

Today's Epiphany:

If you type a left bracket into an application in world, WL mutes your avatar! While this seems to be appealing to Maggie who feels she may overwhelm people with her verbal self-documenting tendencies (“I’m going to go over to the application, type in the url, oops! A type-o! Now I’ll click on this…”, it may be eventually be a problem. :)

Today's Most Critical Topic:(in my opinion)

Morris said that there needs to be a killer app to make Wonderland INDISPENSIBLE. One example would be to create a headless client that doesn’t render that creates 2 streams – 1 to pass on the rendering info to the lightweight client, and the other to either capture and pass information back to the server, or just pass the raw commands back (need more clarification here). Similar to using VNC. It’s a proxy client. Lower bandwidth backchannel that would just send the commands to the server. JME has a way to render off screen.

Today's Most Quotable:(thanks, Maggie!)

Why doesn’t IT give us admin priv’s?? “You might install unauthorized programs!” “Dude! I can WRITE unauthorized programs!”

End Note from Nina

This meeting was great, and I thank you guys for participating. I hope we can continue to do this regularly, maybe during the off-weeks in between community meetings. It was nice to be able to bounce some ideas off each other, and I am beginning to feel that we do have a shot at shaping where things go. Thanks so much!!!

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