A few tips to manage wonderland related processes#

Ports Wonderland Client Uses#

If you are behind a restrictive firewall accessing a Wonderland server outside your firewall, you will need to make sure the Wonderland client can access these ports:

TCP 8080: web server
TCP 1139: Darkstar server
UDP 5060: voice main
UDP 10000 - 10200: voice connections
TCP 10200 - 10300: shared applications 

Show the updates at the end of a log file automatically.#

tail -f /path/to/file

Using screen#

If you are using ssh and want to leave your process running and close the terminal, you can use 'screen'. Example:
screen -S OWL -d -m java -jar Wonderland.jar
This will create and automatically detach a console session running the java command. After running the command no output is shown in console because the session has been detached.

-S names the screen; in this case we have chosen OWL as the name.

You can list all the available screens by typing:

> screen -list
There is a screen on:
        1206.OWL        (Detached)
1 Socket in /var/folders/Wl/Wl4C3r8sEQaXLO2PTytAtE+++TI/-Tmp-/.screen.

To move to this recently detached session use:

screen -r
Now you should see the Wonderland server running (or starting up).

To detach this console again, use the combination ctrl+A+D. That will take you back to your initial terminal.

At this point, the terminal can be closed. At a later stage, when reconnecting to the server, screen -list and screen -r will be available for use as described above.

To terminate the screen session simply move to the detached screen and end the Wonderland process. This will automatically finish screen.

I have recorded a screencast. Quality is poor when uploaded to youtube! :S

Listing the main Server process #

If you want to find out which one is the main Wonderland process, you can do something like:
ps aux | grep *onderland.jar

That will give you all the processes that are running, filtered by '*onderland.jar', which should be only one (plus the ps+grep command). The output is similar to this:

jos   14394  ..more columns here.. 16:34   0:21 java -Dwonderland.webserver.host=localhost -jar Wonderland.jar
jos   15730 .. more columns here.. 16:38   0:00 grep Wonderland.jar

What you are looking for is the first number after the username. If you want to kill that process, you can feed that number to 'kill':

kill 14394

or if the server is badly stuck:

kill -9 14394

There is an even easier way to list all java processes running in a particular machine by using the jps command:

jos$ jps -l
1233 sun.tools.jps.Jps
1208 Wonderland.jar

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