We want to make improvements in the current text chat system.

Chris wants to use it to teach Chinese so larger fonts and window are desirable.

Screenshots of other systems#

From Chris: shot of WOW chat

They use a transparent/invisible box and seem to differentiate with colors messages that come from the system, and messages than come from users.

System message are Yellow. User messages are white and are pre-appended the name of the user:

[user_one] says: what did you say?
This is a system message.
[user_two] says: I said nuttin'

Two SL shots can be seen in this page

The first one shows the text chat window (also has a transparent background).

The second one shows the bubble chat that you can see when the chat box is not being displayed. Text vanishes from the bubble after a number of seconds.

The chat can be used from the main bottom panel of utilities.

A bigger shot of the chat boxes in both SL and Metaplace can be seen here. Cannot be seen in the SL one, but both use multiple tabs.

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