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!!Open Wonderland Resources

[Virtual World Events] - Events that might be of interest to people in the Wonderland community.

[Wonderland Education Projects]

[Wonderland-related Research Papers] - Annotated Bibliography

[Wonderland Videos]

[Server directory]

[Wonderland Wednesdays] - developer-level seminars held in the Community Instance: Code-walkthroughs, etc.

[Open Wonderland "Office Hours"] - schedule of times when someone will be available on an Open Wonderland community server to answer either end user, system administration, or developer questions

[Module contributions from the Community] A list of projects (including source code) that have been contributed by community members.

!!Tutorials For End Users

[Learning the Basics of Open Wonderland]

!!Tutorials For World Builders

[Building an Open Wonderland World From Scratch] - How to start with an empty world and populate it with 2D and 3D content.

[Creating and Importing Artwork for Non-Artists] - Learn out to model a simple radio in Google SketchUp, import it into a Wonderland world, and add a capability to it.

[Using Capabilities] - How to use the default capabilities as well as the most common optional capabilities.

[Creating Posters] - Use the HTML Poster to create links to external sites as well as links to in-world Placemarks and other locations.

[Moving Objects with EZMove] - With the EZMove module installed, learn how to position and rotate objects.

!!Tutorials and Guides For System Administrators

[Server Administration Console Guide] - Instructions on using the web-based Server Admin console accessible from the Wonderland launch page.

[Connecting to the Telephone Network|Connecting to the Telephone Network]

[Open Wonderland v0.5 Configuring Authentication|Open Wonderland v0.5 Configuring Authentication|Open Wonderland v0.5 Configuring Authentication]

[Setting up an Open Wonderland Server Behind a NAT or Firewall|Setting up an Open Wonderland Server Behind a NAT or Firewall]

[Notes for a server configuration guide | Server Properties ]

[Sysadmin Tips] - Tips to admin your wonderland processes from the command line.

!!Tutorials and Guides For Developers

[Developing with NetBeans] - How to set up Netbeans to develop Open Wonderland modules.

[Open Wonderland Workspace Layout] - A description of the Open Wonderland source code workspace.

[Development tips and tricks] - Tips and tricks to make development easier.

[Sample HUD Tutorial] - A tutorial on how to create a simple HUD and add it to the main menu.

[The Developer's Guide to Open Wonderland] - {Work in progress!} A summary of all resources for developers and how to start creating content and extending the toolkit.

[Revisiting the 'Developing a New Cell' Tutorials | Developing a New Cell] - {Work in progress} A review of the 4 part tutorial [Developing a New Cell | http://wiki.java.net/bin/view/Javadesktop/ProjectWonderlandDevelopingNewCell05] by Jordan Slott.

[jMonkeyEngine(jME) Resources] - links to documentation and tutorials for those new to jME.

[Sample Component Tutorial] - {Work in progress!} A tutorial on how to create a simple module with component capabilities.

[Communicating with external services] - {work in progress} There are several ways in which Open Wonderland can send and receive information from outside of the world. Some of them are discussed in this article.

[Using a database in a module] - How to configure a Wonderland server to enable database access in modules on the server side.

[Scripting and Robots 101 | Bots 101] - {Work in progress!} An introduction to the Scripting component that Morris has developed, including working with NPCs/Bots.

[Using Git and GitHub for collaborative Modules Development] - {Work in progress} A summary on how to use git for source control, and [github | http://github.com] to collaborate on Modules Development.

[jVoiceBridge Developer Guide] - includes overview of the jVoiceBridge server plus technical details.

[Open Wonderland Communications Architecture] - A draft describing the Open Wonderland extensible communication architecture.

[Ant Build System] - {Work in progress!} An overview and reference of the open wonderland build system.

!!Troubleshooting and Testing

[Troubleshooting and Testing] - Instructions for troubleshooting problems and setting up an environment to do testing.

[Regression Test Scripts] - Scripts to use for testing to make sure all the basic features of the system are still working.

[Render Test Results] - Results from Render Test on the community demo server.

!!How Tos and Tips

[Creating Backups] - various strategies for backing up your Wonderland worlds

[Remote desktops] - accessing desktops or sessions on remote machines

[EC2] - Deployment on Amazon

[XMPPpresence] - Just a place to talk about the ins-and-outs of this module

[Groups Security Tips] - Suggestion for configuring in-world content visibility based on security settings.

[Glassfish Proxy Settings|Proxy Settings for Glassfish] - How to get the Wonderland instance to startup quickly when behind a firewall.

[EZScript Information and Examples] - Information about the EZScript module along with sample scripts.

[JagWire] - Contains a library of EZScript commands and documentation.

[Where Wonderland stores things]

[Ubuntu and Sun Java vs. OpenJDK]

[Audio Troubleshooting] - How to diagnose problems with OWL audio 

[Troubleshooting Memory Problems] - How to diagnose memory problems and change allocated memory

[Adding New Avatar Animations] - How to create new gestures for avatars

!!Community Meeting Notes

[Demo World] - Notes from the Showcase World project

[Distributed Meetings and Virtual Worlds] 

[Education Training Brainstorming]

[Lighting Brainstorming]

[Default "Starter" World Brainstorming]

["Affordance" - Move Objects Discussion]

[Developer Q&A]

[Text Chat Improvements Brainstorming] - A series of ideas to make the text chat functionality more user friendly.

[Wonderland Wednesday Project Ideas]

[Infrastructure Enhancement Ideas]

[Business Case for OWL Discussion Notes]

[Places to Publish OWL Event Announcements]

!!P2PU Development Course Meeting Notes
!Weekly meetings
[Weekly Meeting 1, Feb 2011|P2PUWeek_1_Feb_2011]

[Weekly Meeting 2, Feb 2011|P2PUWeek_2_Feb_2011]

[Weekly Meeting 3, Feb 2011|P2PUWeek_3_Feb_2011]

!Course Projects
[Ideas and Proposals for P2PU Course Projects|p2pu2011CourseProjects]

!!OWL Code-a-thons

[Code-a-thon Notes] - Notes from planning meetings

[Code-a-thon - October 14, 2012] - "Postcards from Wonderland" theme

[Abhishek Test Page]