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"What we need to know when you're looking for help with PW"

There's been a rash lately of folks having problems using PW coming to this forum seeking help....which is *GREAT*, that's one reason we're here.

But rather often the information posted is somewhat fragmentary, and it's hard to establish exactly how somebody got to the point where they have that humongous stack dump... what OS they're on, what version of the code, are they running from a binary or a build they did themselves, and a whole pile of other variable factors.

Maybe it would be helpful if we put together a little "laundry list" of information that is needed to be effective in tracking down problems in various situations.

Post your suggestions here and we'll see if we can't put something like this together.

Morris Ford replied:

Posted: Feb 22, 2010 10:56 AM in response to: maggiel Reply

My list:

  • OS of client.
  • OS of server.
  • Client and server on same system?
  • If not, what is the network connection? (local lan/internet)
  • Binary or source version.
  • Source from what repository? (preview3/trunk)
  • If source from trunk, version #.
  • If Binary release, which one.
  • Are modules involved? If so from where? (source, module repository)
  • Are you making any local changes? to core? to modules?
  • Are you using an IDE? Which? To compile? To run?
  • What version of Java are you using?
  • If network problems are involved:
  • What settings are in the properties for each server?
  • What setting are there in the file?
  • What firewall settings have been made.

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