On May 25th and June 1st, 2011 the Wonderland Wednesday sessions were devoted to coming up with an idea for the next group Wonderland Wednesday development project. In the second meeting, those present grouped the ideas into three categories. While all the ideas have merit, the ones in the Top Five category are those that best meet the selection criteria that we identified:

  • useful functionality
  • audience
  • ability to test
  • learning opportunity
  • scope and scale appropriate for Wonderland Wednesday project

Others are strongly encouraged to form working groups to tackle some of the other projects on this list.

Update: This document has been updated with content from other sessions of the same type.

Top Five Ideas#

2D / 3D Telepointers#

STATUS: In progress. Started: 11 Jan, 2012
  • Improve telepointer appearance
  • On flat surface change to 2D pointer
  • Different colors for each user
  • Ability to use a pointer when you have control of an app
  • Ability to fix the pointer position
  • Ability to highlight different parts (underline or mark a portion of an image).

Cardwall copies:

11 Jan 2012 - Pre meeting Cardwall

11 Jan 2012 - Post meeting Cardwall

Drawable Surfaces#

  • Layer on for annotation
  • Shared layer
  • Stay with content
  • Scrollable? Per page?
  • Plug in app behaviors
  • Text
  • Capability?
  • Multiple layers / history
  • Whiteboard could be constructed by coupling flat object with capability

Improved Sticky Notes#

  • resize
  • multiple pages
  • text formatting
  • freehand drawing
  • import / export
  • drag and drop
  • networking model
  • synchronized position

Working page for Research on improving Swing 2DApp modules

NPC improvements#

  • multiple modules combined
  • sensible UI / UI cleanup
  • multi-user interactions
  • framework for controlling NPCs
    • external programs
    • AI XML

Default Environment / Regions#

  • dynamically change skybox
  • dynamically change default lighting
  • default security
  • module exists, needs UI and synchronization code
  • divide world into regions

Troubleshooting Wizard (in progress)#

  • new user wizard
  • test connections (optimize)
  • test graphics
  • report issues to user
  • configure avatar
  • create tests outside Wonderland, assemble into a wizard


Other Ideas that Would Make Reasonable Wonderland Wednesday Projects#

Shared text component#

  • multi-user editable text
  • operational transform on server to synchronize
  • partial implementation in programming demo
  • styled text
  • wiki
  • convert existing modules (sticky note)


  • implement brainstormed ideas
  • improve the in-world lighting options
  • default lights (configurable)
  • per object adjustments
  • in-world lights


  • visual appearance in-world
  • take items from the world
  • add back into the world
  • shared across servers?
  • give things to other people
  • instance vs. copy
  • may require attach to avatar

Minimize objects in world#

  • click on on-HUD item
  • creates tiny version in world
  • multi-user -- everyone sees it expand

Screen Sharer#

  • replace existing screen sharer with movie based-system
  • use red5 / Xuggler components
  • quality & bandwidth
  • Linux capture UI

Customizable Cartoon Avatars#

  • make avatars differentiable
  • simple animation
  • alternate to full avatar
  • some people only see cartoons

Attach to Avatar#

  • pickup items
  • move with avatar
  • camera

Presenter Tools#

  • view slides while looking at audience
  • next steps for slide spreader
  • reveal so people can't see slides before they are talked about
  • easy movement for presenter
  • easy for audience to keep up
  • provide feedback to presenter
  • shared focus
  • hand raise queue

Better shared app launching#

  • pass arguments and parameters
  • open files


  • IRC bot that connects to darkstar and has an NPC representation in-world. It could greet users as they login to the server and share announcements or such like a "Message of the Day".

In-world Maps#

  • Provide a map of all the spaces in the world along with avatar locations (marauder's map of sorts)
  • Provide a mini-map showing the location of avatars near the user

Good Ideas, But Not Well Suited to Wonderland Wednesday Projects#


  • attach extra information to a cell
  • searchable / indexed in LDAP
  • cell creator, updater
  • Ontology services
  • UI / in-world view

Low fidelity interface#

"* network bandwidth
  • lower GPU requirements
  • lower memory use
  • run in web browser
  • alternate network protocol
  • 2D web client
  • movie broadcaster

Update module without restart#

  • Per-module classloader
  • Keep classloaders properly attached
  • Plugins shutdown / startup
  • Update objects (?)
  • Generic server cell infrastructure
  • Determine when to restart on deploy

Better Error Logging#

  • server error logs
  • persistent client logs
  • crash reports

Usage Data#

  • collect usage data
  • phone home
  • features used / not used
  • crash reports
  • collect on OpenWonderland.org

Unit Testing#

  • frameworks for integrating unit tests
  • applicable to any module
  • mock objects for key classes
  • documentation

Shared Development#

  • test easily in world
  • share code in and out of world
  • unit testing

Improved Whiteboard#

  • add images
  • wyswig text
  • freehand drawing
  • connect to tablet input
  • maybe just artwork with drawable surface?

Integration with External Services#

  • Wiki
  • Google Docs
  • Google Wave Open Source

Portals Between World#

  • different servers
  • multiple avatars
  • login dialogs
  • memory issues
  • single sign-on / trust relationship
  • shared web server

Finished Projects#

EZ Move#

  • move cell in X-Y plane relative to avatar
  • snap to other objects
  • mouse drag for gross movement
  • arrow keys
  • snap to grid or hot points


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