Potential developer session topics:

  • Extending the sample module.
  • Writing plugins
  • Writing components
  • Writing custom connections
  • Using the shared state components
  • Developing HUD functionality
  • Java Monkey Engine topics on computer graphics
  • NPCs (Bots w/ some intelligence)
  • Writing shared 2D/3D applications
  • Code walkthrough of client login
    • Headless wonderland client
  • World building
  • Adding security to custom cells
  • Federation topics
  • A field trip to other platforms to see how they handle some of the problems we have.

Previous developer session topics:

  • Walkthrough of Wonderland source organization
  • Walkthrough of sample module
  • Walkthrough/Introduction of MTGame
  • Extending the content import process
    • Dragging different types of documents and affecting shared applications

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